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About Project

Shubra-Banha Road, with a length of 40 km, will help to reduce traffic jams on the Cairo-Ring Road. The Project consists of a dual three lane motorway parallel – and East located – to the existing road between the Cairo Northern ring road and Banha city. It start on the Northern Ring Road and connect both roads to Alexandria and to Al Mansura.

The work in this project conisits of two parts, The first Section had 176 girders.
The Second Section had three main bridges:
1- Talha Bridge :- 22 Girder.
2- Falfala Bridge :- 22 Girder.
3- El Hessa Bridge :- 22 Girder.

Supply of Post Tension materials:
– Strands.
– Anchors.

Supply of Post Tension equipment:
– Multi Stressing Jacks.
– Grouting Machines.

In conclusion, BETA’s scope of work in Shubra – Banha Road includes :
  • – The supply of the post-tensioning system.
    – Supervision of the post tensioning works.

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  • Owner

    General authority for road, bridges and land transport (GARBLT)

  • Category


  • Contractor


  • Completion Date

    Q2 2016

  • Consultant

    El-Raed Consulting Engineers

  • Location

    Qaliubya, Cairo