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What is ducts ?

Corrugated Duct is used as a duct former for a variety of precast and cast-in-situ concrete work. The semi-rigid hot dipped galvanized metal duct is strong and durable for casting into concrete and is easily tied into position adjacent to reinforcing steel. It is available from 50mm to 120mm, and also customizable according to the length and diameter needed. Corrugated Duct can be used for post tensioning ducts and precast connections.

Anchorage System

The key benefits and features for Corrugated Ducts

➤   Wide range of diameter available (ID 50mm to ID 120mm).

➤   Quantity as per the site requirement can be manufactured.

➤   Easy benchmarking and thus production schedule.

➤   Customer friendly – Bendable and can be cut as per customer requirement.

➤   Ease of placement at site: Durable and tough.

➤   Corrosion protection with hot dip zinc coating.