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PC Strand (Pre-Stressed Concrete’s Strands)
are formed with seven steel wires. 

one central wire called a core or
king wire around which the other six are wrapped.

They are generally supplied already stabilized
(low relaxation) and certified according to
the regulations by an independent laboratory,
in coils weighing kg 2500-3000.

All strand should be Grade 1860 MPa.
Low relaxation, seven-wire strand
conforming to the requirements
of ASTM A416 or BS-5896
“Standard Specification for Steel Strand,
Un-coated Seven Wire Strand for Pre-Stressed Concrete.

Strands is most commonly available
in two nominal sizes. – 12.7mm (0.5in) diameter
& 15.24mm (0.6in) diameter according to ASTM A416.

– 15.7mm (0.6in) diameter according to BS-5896.
Strands may also be greased or waxed strands,
encased in a HDPE sheath.

theremore, commonly called un-bonded,
epoxy coated and epoxy coated un-bonded strands.

Anchorage System
PC Strand

Advantages of PC Strand

PC Strands have lots of advantages:

– High bonding force.

– Stable modulus of elasticity.

– Reducing the occurrence of cracks.

– High tensile strength and

 low relaxation.

– Larger slab spans allowing fewer columns.

– Better performance at elevated temperature.

– Reducing distortion and construction weight.

– Increasing the abrasion resistance,

 water resistance, stiffness.

– Higher fatigue, higher breaking loads,
 higher corrosion resistance.
– Significant reduction in building 
weight versus a conventional concrete building.

– Savings in materials (concrete and steel)
& shorter lead times due to fast installation.

– Allowing extremely long span bridges

to be constructed without the use

 of temporary intermediate supports.

– minimizes the impact on the environment

and avoids disruption

 to water or road traffic below.

PC strand can increase the highways’ 

stability and crack resistance.

In Addition, PC strand can

expand the bridges’ life span and with

high bonding force

and high tensile strength.

Applications of PC Strand

PC Strands

PC Strand is applied to pre-stressed concrete structures for example,

– Foundations.
– Dams.
– Soils
– Bridges.
– Pre-stressed concrete building structures.

In conclusion, PC Strands provide High tensile strength, low relaxation rate, stable elasticity modulus and stress relief, the products can be integrated firmly with concrete.


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Anchorage System