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Beta prides itself in its unconditional and continual pursuit of improvement. With an array of highly skilled manpower lead by a team of professional management, Beta is adequately equipped to take on projects of varied nature and sizes. We also benefit from having a strong supply-chain mechanism in place to ensure timely, cost effective and quality approved material and equipment.

At Beta we believe in partnering with our clients to achieve a win-win outcome. Hence, we engage with all details study them very closely right from project inception stage until it reaches successful completion.

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Bridge structures constructed using post-tensioning have high intrinsic durability and are able to be built quickly with minimal impact on the human and natural environment .Further, structures constructed using post-tensioning also benefit from the method’s ability to limit cracking, reduced structural depth, ease of accommodating curved roadway alignment and low maintenance costs.


Post-tensioned concrete provides a light, structurally efficient, durable solution for the construction of commercial office buildings, residential apartments, high-rise condominiums, and mixed-use facilities such as hotels or shopping malls. Longer, thinner slabs result in greater design flexibility and require less reinforcing steel to achieve the same strength as other methods of construction.

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